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The Tulsa Regional Group was formed in much the same way as any car club.  A group of guys with a common interest in the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of Flathead Fords met at Bill Secrest's shop to discuss how to solicit membership as a Regional Group in the Early Ford V-8 National Organization.  Their Effort let to the formations of the Tulsa Regional Group #39 in the spring of 1971.  The founding members were Bob Anderson, Carl Goines, Johnny Johnson, Will Myers, Sam Simpson and Bill Tomblinson.  Today, only one of the founding members remain active in the club - Sam.  While TRG #39 started as an all-male club, we, like other orgaizations, saw the light, and today the females play a very important part in making our Club one to enjoy. 


Several members of our club participate regularly in National events by showing their cars or serving as judges. 

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